Ameba Pico Casino Dollar Cheat

this ameba pico casino dollar cheat is for blackjack
Hi ,I am back to post new trick. I know you are not  patient to waiting this post and now I will show you how to read a blackjack dealer cardbefore it is shown. and as usual, I'll explain tutorial  in a step-by-stepand follow the steps one by one.In order for you to understand. lets check it up.

1. Download WPE PRO on link below

2. Play ameba pico through opera or google chrome browser.
3. Go to Blackjack area and take a seat.
4.  Open WPE PRO that you have downloaded then click Target Program, and select Opera.exe or google chrome.

5. - If you play with some people, click start logging before the dealer deal card to the last player, and stop logging after dealer deal card for himself..
    - If you play alone click start logging before the dealer deal card to you, and stop logging after dealer deal card for himself..
6. Scroll down the WPE windows and search for Recv function which have the word dealCard in it just like the picture above.

 7.  what should you do? All you need is look at the last two digits of the code that I circled. That means, dealer have enclosed card that is nine.

8.  I will explain the code
   09 09  means dealer's card is 9.  so if you find  02 02  to 09 09 that means, the dealer has the same number card with it, but if u find code0A its means dealer has 10, King, Quin, or Jack. If you find code like01 0B its means the dealer has AS.

02 02 to 09 09   =  2 to 9
0A                      =  10, King, Quin or Jack
01 0B                 =  AS

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